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La Unique strives to provide the best beauty and aesthetic treatments you can find, and that is why we have now added teeth whitening to our range of services.


Many of the concerns over the safety of this treatment have now been dispelled, and it is considered perfectly safe when overseen by a professional dentist which is why we have employed a professional to carry out all of these procedures.

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The clinical procedure will leave you with noticeable results after just one hour – consumption of typical discolouring foods such as tea, coffee and fizzy drinks may reduce the effect, but we counteract this with maintenance whitening.

La Unique uses the state-of-the-art Philips Zoom! system, which can offer increased whiteness of up to seven shades.

How does it work? La Unique’s fully qualified dentist will apply a coat of advanced whitening gel, followed by shining the Philips WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp on to your teeth.

This process is repeated three times and is complete within an hour.


Once you have the whiteness you are looking for, our dentist applies post-treatment gel to protect enamel and limit sensitivity.

Getting the perfect smile has never been easier, so if you want to show off a dazzling, bright set of teeth, why wait? Book your treatment at La Unique now!

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